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How to download apps for Windows XP,Mac OSX 10.8 or earlier, Android devices without google play


In case you are using:

  • Desktop, notebook or netbook running (Windows XP)
  • Macintosh running (OS-X 10.8 or earlier)
  • Android devices, that do not have the Google Play Store app

please, follow the attached instructions, in order to download the application.

How-to-download-apps-for-windows-XPMac-OSX-10.8-or-earlier-android-without-google-play-english.pdf How-to-download-apps-for-windows-XPMac-OSX-10.8-or-earlier-android-without-google-play-english.pdf
How-to-download-apps-for-windows-XPMac-OSX-10.8-or-earlier-android-without-google-play-greek.pdf How-to-download-apps-for-windows-XPMac-OSX-10.8-or-earlier-android-without-google-play-greek.pdf

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