Install Application Manual for MAC

Install Application Manual for MAC(Clilreaders,CareerPaths,Games)

Installing Application

After the application has finished downloading, open it by double-clicking on its icon.


A new window will now appear with the application installation file. Double-click on the file.


A message may appear saying that the application is ‘from an unidentified developer’. In this case you will need to adjust some settings.


To allow the system to accept applications from unidentified developers, click the apple on the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then choose System Preferences…


Click the Security and Privacy… icon.


Click on the padlock icon at the bottom left of the dialog box. This will allow you to change the settings.


Then choose Anywhere from the ‘Allow applications downloaded’ list. Confirm by clicking Allow From Anywhere in the pop-up box, and then press the lock icon to lock in the settings.


Now return to the window with the application’s installation file. Double click on the file.


Choose Open from the box.


and then Continue.


To use the application, you will need to type in the 20-digit Serial Number and a valid email address. After filling in these boxes, click Submit. Remember that the Submission Code is located on the inside front cover of the book.


As long as the Submission Code is correct, the application will activate and can be used. Remember that the code is valid for three (3) activations / computers.


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