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Which are the roles in the platform?




There are 6 types of user on the Express DigiBooks platform. These are: Member, Student, Teacher, School Manager, School Master, and Parent.


Members are users who have registered on the platform and only have access to the books they have bought. They can do the exercises and the platform will correct them, but they have no interaction with other users. It could be said that Members are 'self study' users, who use the platform to help them with their studies in the absence of a teacher.

The School Master is the owner/head teacher of the school. They must 'create' their school and do some initial organisation. They must follow a series of steps (explained in detail below) to create their Students, Teachers, and School Managers, as well as organise things, in general.

The School Manager is in charge of the school, or department, and is responsible for its operation and administration. This role is not required to operate the platform. There are schools where the manager and owner are the same person. Therefore, it is not necessary to create school managers. They are only necessary if a school has branches, to make administration easier for the School Master.

Teachers work at the school. Their accounts can only be opened by the School Master, and their function on the platform is to assign exercises to the Students, check their work and help them with whatever problems they may face.

Students attend the school. Their accounts can only be opened by the School Master.

Parents are the Student's parents. They can use the platform to keep up to date with their children's progress, without having to physically go to the school.


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