Install Application Manual for Android (through PC)

Install Application Manual for Android (through PC)


Open your downloads' folder and find the recently downloaded .apk file. Right click and select copy.


Now connect your mobile phone to your computer.  On the phone menu, touch the USB connected notification at the top of the screen to display the options.


Touch the  USB connected  option.


Then touch Turn on USB storage.


On your computer, open My Computer by double-clicking its icon and then open Removeable Disk.


Open the Download folder by double-clicking on it.


Right click in the empty area and then choose Paste from the menu.


Wait for the file to finish copying.



Installing Application


When the file has been completely copied, disconnect your mobile device from the computer.  To completely install the application you will need to open the .apk file from Android’s My Files folder or from another file manager application (available from Google Play and other sources).  Some Android devices may not have a pre-installed My Files application.  In this case you will need to first install a file management app before you can run the application.  Open the File Manager application.


Tap the Download folder to find the file copied from your computer.


Touch the application to start the installation. 


If an Install blocked message appears, you will need to change the settings to enable installation from Unknown sources. To adjust the settings, touch Settings or go to the Applications menu, choose Settingsand then Security.


Touch the option Unknown sources and then tap the check box.


When the message appears, tap OK.


Check to make sure there is a check in the Unknown sources box, then return to the previous screen to install the application.


Tap on the file to install the application. 


Then touch Install. 


Wait until the installation has been completed. 


To run the application, touch Open.


To use the application, you will need to enter the 20-digit Activation Code and a valid email address.  After filling in both fields, touch Submit.  (The Activation Code is located on the inside front cover of the book.)


If a valid Activation Code has been entered correctly, the application will activate and can be used.  Please be aware that the code is valid for three (3) activations/devices.  


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